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Our HVAC Solutions

Our HVAC Solutions

We have HVAC solutions that make an impact. After completing a detailed assessment equipment and operating practices, we’ll prepare a proposal for your project. 

Our proposals include our findings as well as recommendations for local utility incentives, operational changes, new equipment and more.

Our Product Solutions

Central Plant Equipment

We source the best equipment to ensure a long, efficient life in your building. Upgrading and replacing central plant equipment is an effective way to reduce energy costs and cut down on expensive, time-consuming maintenance.

We offer top of the line pumps, chillers, boilers, valves and more. For more information about our central plant equipment offerings, contact us.

In-Suite Upgrades

In-suite HVAC upgrades are an excellent way to increase energy efficiency and save money. Many in-suite systems were installed at the time of construction and haven’t been touched since, resulting in mechanical failures. The age of the units also means that they use outdated, inefficient technology.

Our top-quality retrofit fan coils and replacement heat pumps are the best way to renew in-suite equipment. In just a few hours, our technicians can remove the old equipment and install new HVAC systems. The key efficiency upgrades are:

-A new ECM motor/blower assembly
-Clean, unobstructed coils
-New wiring and advanced controls

Building Controls

Reduce energy use and increase savings by using advanced metering and HVAC control technology. Many existing buildings are not equipped to monitor or control their central plant or in-suite HVAC equipment. Gaining insights into your energy consumption is crucial to understanding your building and expenses.

We offer smart thermostats that are easily controlled from a central computer. Property managers can implement energy saving temperature settings in every suite with the click of a button. For more information on our smart thermostats and metering devices, please contact us.

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